Peter Nordlander born 1967 in sweden,  now living and working with dressage horses in USA
Kicki Nordlander born 1981 in sweden, now living and working with dressage horses in Dubai

Old history ....

T he horses of the world are usually considered having their most distant ancestors in Condylarthres (75 million years ago), Eohippus, and Hyracotherium (about 55 million years ago), a doglike creature with three toes (the earlier Condylarthres had five) and a height of barely 20 cm. Hyracotherium also had pads.


T he official weight record for a single horse in modern times is held by the Belgian stallion Brooklyn Supreme. At most this horse weighed 1450 kg. Brooklyn Supreme died in 1948. A less certain piece of information states a weight on the horse Mammoth (of Shire race) to 1524 kg. Mammoth lived during the middle of the 1900th century. The Shire race is commonly regarded as the biggest race (horse by horse) among horses. The smallest adult horse (of a mini race) weighed 11,9 kg. There is also a unverified report of a horse which is said to have weighed only 9,1 kg as an adult.


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